4 Quick Tips for Getting Your Groceries Online

If you’re never shopped for your groceries online, now certainly seems like the most fitting time to start. That is, as long as you realize many people are thinking the same way.

While ordering a week’s worth of food from home is convenient, it does require a little bit of savvy to get everything you want. Here are four tips for getting the most out of your online grocery shopping experience.

Make a List

Unlike when you’re strolling around your local supermarket, “improv shopping” is a bit tougher online. That means planning is essential, so take a few minutes to create a detailed shopping list before firing up your preferred app.

Get Cash Back

This isn’t available with all (or most) grocery delivery services, but right now Green Back Street customers can get $7.20 cash back when they make their first grocery purchase with Shipt. Sweet deal.

Be Flexible

Everything found in-store won’t always be found online, so be prepared to make substitutions for a few items on your list.

Order Well in Advance

Expecting a fresh bunch of asparagus to always be ready for quick home delivery is unrealistic. Your online order is still only pulling from your local store, and if they’re out of an item, you’re out of luck. Ordering a day or two or three ahead of time can boost your chances of getting everything you want.

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