6 Sites to Help You Prep for Back Friday

save and earn for black Friday.

So you’re revving up your bargain-finding engines and you’re ready to prep for next week’s frenzy of price drops. Great. Here are 6 sites to familiarize yourself with in the days ahead so you’ll know exactly what will be on sale and when during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

A handful of sites have been around for years now with one main purpose: showcasing the ads from retailers. The main appeal of these sites used to be the secretly “leaked” ad scans, but now nearly every brand is more than happy to put their ads out for the world to see days or weeks in advance. Here are the four best sites for checking out the ads:

Slickdeals.net has been compiling the biggest deals online for 20 years now, driven by a passionate community that posts and rates deals 24/7.

And one of our favorite individual bargain hunters is the Cheapskate at Cnet.com/cheapskate. He posts some of the best deals online daily along with common-sense commentary. Good stuff.

And of course, for cash back on all your holiday shopping, it pays to start with Green Back Street.

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