Angel Soft Joins Green Back Street

Maybe we’ll never fully understand why there was a massive run on toilet paper at supermarkets across the country earlier this year, but it happened and – thankfully – it’s all in the past now.

We’re happy to report there’s plenty of TP out there today, including Angel Soft®, which is now part of the Green Back Street family! That means cash back (currently 3.6%) when you sign in and shop online here.

Each mega roll of Angel Soft® has 425+ 2-ply sheets and is designed to fit in standard bathroom toilet paper holders. One mega roll = 4 regular rolls, so you won’t have to change rolls as often. Angel Soft® is safe for use in standard sewer and septic systems, breaking down easily after flushing for a hassle-free use, and it’s certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) sourcing standards.

And check this out: They even have a scented tube version! The cardboard tube is scented to deliver just a hint of a crisp and clean linen scent. Still innovating with toilet paper. Love it.

Shop Angel Soft with cash back

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