The Great Ginsu Knives Now Cut with Cash Back

They were the commercials you couldn’t turn away from in the 80s:

In fact, “But wait, there’s more,” a phrase now buried deep in the American lexicon, is arguably a Ginsu creation.

And now, more than 40 years since Ginsu first sliced and diced its way into our hearts, the iconic knifemaker has come to Green Back Street.

Yes, that means you get cash back on everything you need to cut tailpipes, tin cans, and tomatoes!

Now, if you did buy a Ginsu set back in 1980, technically you still have 10 years left on your 50-year warranty. But hey, why not splurge a little? Treat yourself to a new knife set and enjoy the new cash back (currently 8%!) perks that come with being a Green Back Street member.

Shop Ginsu with cash back.  

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