Survey Finds Many Scaling Back on Halloween 2020

halloween trick or treat

To no one’s surprise, Halloween 2020 (now just 10 days away!) is going to be a more subdued affair. And when it comes to trick-or-treating and candy handouts, a new study gives us an idea of just how many people will be toning things down this year. used Google Surveys to analyze data from over 3,000 respondents to find out how COVID-19 is impacting Halloween plans (the survey was conducted in August).

Here’s what they found:

  • 46% won’t hand out candy to trick-or-treaters
  • 34% plan to go trick-or-treating normally, despite COVID-19 risks
  • Only 16% have plans to adapt Halloween celebrations for COVID-19

And remember, if you’re in need of a costume, candy, or decorations, and like the idea of shopping from home and getting cash back, don’t forget to sign in at Green Back Street and peruse our host of Halloween-related stores!

#BuyBlackFriday: Facebook’s New Campaign to Support Black-Owned Businesses

black owned business header

To help boost small businesses, Facebook is launching its “Season of Support” campaign, and it all starts with a focus on black-owned businesses.

Studies have shown that during the pandemic, black-owned businesses have closed at a disproportionately high rate. A Federal Reserve Bank of New York report estimated that 41% of Black-owned businesses across the country shut down between February and April, compared to about 17% of white-owned businesses.

Starting October 30th, Facebook will roll out new features in the Facebook app that encourage people to create posts supporting Black-owned businesses, as well as offering interested businesses a toolkit to get involved. There will also be events and resources within Facebook’s Lift Black Voices Hub and on the Facebook App Facebook Page, including the #BuyBlack Friday Show, which will air live every Friday from Oct 30 – Nov 27 and will feature Black businesses, musical artists, and entertainers.

#BuyBlackFriday will feature the Facebook #BuyBlack Friday Gift Guide,  showcasing products from Black-owned businesses across a wide array of categories. Facebook’s Businesses Nearby tool will also help people find local businesses, including those that have chosen to self-designate as Black-owned.

The company has also announced it will be working closely with the US Black Chambers, an influential network of Black entrepreneurs, to encourage people to #BuyBlack over the holidays.

Chewy Brings Pet-Loving Passion to Green Back Street

chewys cash back shopping

Your pets deserve the occasional treat, and hey, so do you. Today that treat comes in the form of some nifty news: Chewy has joined Green Back Street!

That means cash back – currently $12 for new customers – on your first order of pet food, toys, treats, litter, aquariums, supplements, and more.

Chewy offers free shipping on orders over $49 and you can also save 30% on your first autoship order.

Besides a massive selection of products, we also love Chewy passion for pets. Exhibit A: This dedicated Halloween shop for your pets.

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How to Scare Up Some Cash Back This Halloween

Green Back Street Halloween

It may look a little different this year, but Halloween is on its way.

If you’re ready to scare up some savings on your costumes, candy, and home decorations, we’ve got some good news: Cash back shopping for Halloween is free and easy with Green Back Street.

Consider our frightfully good lineup of cashback stores that offer a monstrous selection of seasonal goodies and gear:

Halloween Express (10.5% cash back)

Spirit (2.8% cash back)

Halloween Costumes (7.0% cash back)

Costume Express (10.5% cash back)

With that kind of cash back, you’re free to go all Dr. Frankenstein with your creations and decorations. Bathtub full of candy corn? Let’s do it. And remember, your membership grants you the power to shop online with up to 30% at more than 1,400 stores. There’s nothing scary about that.

No matter how you celebrate the spookiest season of the year, we hope it’s a safe and enjoyable one!

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Angel Soft Joins Green Back Street

angel soft

Maybe we’ll never fully understand why there was a massive run on toilet paper at supermarkets across the country earlier this year, but it happened and – thankfully – it’s all in the past now.

We’re happy to report there’s plenty of TP out there today, including Angel Soft®, which is now part of the Green Back Street family! That means cash back (currently 3.6%) when you sign in and shop online here.

Each mega roll of Angel Soft® has 425+ 2-ply sheets and is designed to fit in standard bathroom toilet paper holders. One mega roll = 4 regular rolls, so you won’t have to change rolls as often. Angel Soft® is safe for use in standard sewer and septic systems, breaking down easily after flushing for a hassle-free use, and it’s certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) sourcing standards.

And check this out: They even have a scented tube version! The cardboard tube is scented to deliver just a hint of a crisp and clean linen scent. Still innovating with toilet paper. Love it.

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The Great Ginsu Knives Now Cut with Cash Back

Ginsu knives cash back

They were the commercials you couldn’t turn away from in the 80s:

In fact, “But wait, there’s more,” a phrase now buried deep in the American lexicon, is arguably a Ginsu creation.

And now, more than 40 years since Ginsu first sliced and diced its way into our hearts, the iconic knifemaker has come to Green Back Street.

Yes, that means you get cash back on everything you need to cut tailpipes, tin cans, and tomatoes!

Now, if you did buy a Ginsu set back in 1980, technically you still have 10 years left on your 50-year warranty. But hey, why not splurge a little? Treat yourself to a new knife set and enjoy the new cash back (currently 8%!) perks that come with being a Green Back Street member.

Shop Ginsu with cash back.  

Bed Bath & Beyond Comes to Green Back Street

bed bath & beyond cash back shopping

What exactly does the “Beyond” represent in Bed Bath & Beyond? Scientists and scholars are still pondering that question.

But as they comb through all the ancient hieroglyphics and mailbox coupons, we’re over here proudly announcing that Bed Bath & Beyond has joined the Green Back Street family!

That means cash back (currently 3.5%) online shopping at your favorite source for bedding, bath towels, cookware, cutlery, coffee makers, window treatments, and much more.

If you’re like us, you’ve frequently turned a “quick trip” to BB&B into what some people refer to as “an entire afternoon.” Now, you can still do that, just without having to put on shoes (or pants). Oh, and you get cash back.

Simply sign into your Green Back Street account, find the Bed Bath & Beyond page and click through to the regular BB&B site. Browse & buy as you normally would and the cash back is automatically added to your account. Once you have accrued $15.00 or more (and the 60-day return window has passed), you can request payment via PayPal® or check anytime.

Happy shopping!

E-Skimming: What is It and How to Safeguard Against It


You’ve probably heard of skimming, that nefarious practice of installing devices in ATMs or gas station credit card machines that secretly record one’s financial information. But have you heard of e-skimming?

Also called web skimming or Magecart, e-skimming is when scammers edit JavaScript code and “capture the credit card data in real time as the user enters it,” according to the FBI.

Yeah, not good. And it’s on the rise.

So, what can you do to help safeguard your financial information from e-skimming? A few things:

  • Use a virtual credit card (a temporary number that allows you to use your real credit card without exposing your info to a retailer’s website)
  • Pay through a third party, like PayPal or Venmo
  • Keep all your tech’s operating systems and applications up to date
  • Pay attention to your bank accounts and credit reports

For businesses and agencies that take online payments, the FBI recommends the following tips to help protect against e-skimming:

  • Update and patch all systems with the latest security software. Anti-virus and anti-malware need to be up-to-date and firewalls strong.
  • Change default login credentials on all systems.
  • Educate employees about safe cyber practices. Most importantly, do not click on links or unexpected attachments in messages.
  • Segregate and segment network systems to limit how easily cyber criminals can move from one to another.

If you’ve been a victim of this online scam or any other fraud, report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at or call your local FBI office.

Cole Haan Joins Green Back Street with Fashion Flair

Cole Haan Cash Back Shopping

After months of the sweatpants and tank top routine, most of us are hankering for the opportunity to dress up at least a little.

If your wardrobe needs a boost, we’ve got some good news: Cole Haan has joined the Save and Earn family!

That means cash back on men’s and women’s footwear, handbags, small leather goods, belts, hosiery, gloves, scarves, hats, outerwear, and sunglasses.

Cole Haan’s Grand Summer Sale (ending August 24) features plenty of $40 and under options, and when you factor in the cash back, it’s clear both your wardrobe and wallet are in for something special.

Ready to pick up some new gear and your spirits as well? Start your cash back shopping here.

What Back-to-School Shopping Means in 2020

Back to school shopping cash back

Suffice to say, back-to-school shopping is looking a lot different this year.

Whether your child is heading back to the classroom, learning online from home, or a combination of both, he or she will likely need a new mixture of clothes, supplies, and tech.

A recent survey by Deloitte, a multinational professional services network, showed that parents are still looking to spend the same amount on back-to-school as they did last year ($529 per household), but what they’re buying has significantly changed.

Consider some of the findings:

  • 40% of parents expect to buy fewer traditional school supplies
  • Technology spending is predicted to increase by 28%, offsetting a reduction in apparel (down 17% from 2019)
  • 51% of parents plan to increase their spending on virtual learning tools
  • Parents expect to spend 37% of their budget online, up from 29% in 2019
  • Parents are seeking contactless shopping with nearly one-half of shoppers seeking out BOPIS (buy online pick up in store)
  • 64% plan to shop for the new school year from their personal computer

Plus, when you factor in the economic impacts of the pandemic, it’s clear that more Americans than ever are looking to shop and save from home.

Remember, Green Back Street remains your home for cash back online shopping at more than 1,400 online stores. Get that back-to-school shopping done from home and get it with cash back here.