Green Back Street Welcomes Stop & Shop to the Cash Back Family

Stop and Shop with Cash Back

“Attention shoppers… We’ve got another cash back opportunity for you right now in aisle 3!

Yes, just one week after welcoming Giant Food Stores to the family, today we’re equally excited to roll out the red carpet for Stop & Shop!

Now more than ever, saving money on your essentials is vital, and there’s nothing more essential than food. We’re happy to report your first order at Stop & Shop through Green Back Street will come with a very generous $8.00 in cash back!

You can shop in-store or order online for home delivery or store pickup.

A favorite destination for shoppers in the Northeast, you’ll find more than 400 Stop & Shop locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.

Start shopping here.

GIANT Food Stores Join Green Back Street

Giant Cash Back Shopping

Getting cash back on the essentials remains a crucial part of our new, everyday lives, and that’s what makes this news great: Giant has joined Green Back Street!

Operating stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C., GIANT supermarkets are known for their quality, selection, and savings. And now, with your free Green Back Street account, you can get $7.00 back on your first GIANT purchase.

Browse and buy online, then have your groceries delivered or pick them up in-store. $2.50 for a 10.8 oz box of Honey Nut Cheerios? Yes, please.

Start shopping at GIANT with cash back here.

Sand and Sky Brings Aussie Skincare to Green Back Street

sand and sky cash back shopping

It may be a little chilly in Australia this time of year, but we still think July is a great time to welcome Sand and Sky to the Green Back Street family.

We’re excited to report that our members can now get cash back (currently 1.44%) on Sand and Sky’s uniquely appealing skincare products.

Co-founded by Aussie natives Emily & Sarah Hamilton, Sand and Sky’s products are made with natural Australian botanicals, promising an instant boost and skin that shines with tighter pores and a brighter complexion.

From Sky and Sand’s About Us section, we learn that “80% of Australia’s flora and fauna is unique to our shores, so that means you have probably never before experienced the wonder and efficacy of our botanical ingredients in your skincare.”

The company also works with local specialists to make sure only quality ethical ingredients are used. Good stuff.

Ready to get cash back on Sand and Sky? Start here.

Is Your Bedroom Ready for Serious Sleeping?

Sleep Well Green Back Street

For some people, as soon as their head hits the pillow, they’re out. Eight hours later they’re up and refreshed to take on the day. These are the lucky ones.

For the rest of us, a good night’s sleep requires specific strategies and products. Consumer Reports has created a list of six steps to optimize your body and bedroom for sleep:

Find your preferred temperature: The National Sleep Foundation recommends sleeping in a brisk 60 – 67-degree range.

Keep things dark and quiet: For the best odds of uninterrupted sleep, keep your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible.

Pick the right mattress: Firm or soft, this one is all about what best suits your body and sleeping style.

Choose the best pillow for you: Of course, you’ll need a pillow that matches your preferred sleeping style as well.

Get out during the day: Studies show staying indoors all day can affect your ability to fall asleep. Get some outdoor exercise and sleep better.

Ban blue light before bed: Phones, tablets, and computers emit a blue light that keep you awake longer, so refrain from using those devices to snooze faster.

And ya know what else helps you sleep soundly? Saving money. If you’re looking for a new mattress, pillows, bedding, blackout curtains, or anything else for the bedroom, remember to shop with Green Back Street.

Get Your Pool Supplies with Cash Back

Cash Back Pool Supplies

Having a glistening, gleaming oasis of H2O in your backyard is one of the great thrills that homeowners can experience. What’s not so great? The work involved with keeping your pool clean.

But with the right know-how and products to go with it, the upkeep of your backyard pool can easily be simplified, giving you more time to frolic in the water and less fussing with it.

Our newest member to the Green Back Street family, Pool Supply World, carries all the well-known brands in the pool and spa supply industry, as well as innovative new manufacturers. From heaters, pool covers, spa covers, and portable spas to fittings, pumps, cleaners, and covers, there’s nothing you’ll need for your pool that you won’t find at Pool Supply World.

And now, when you sign in first here, you’ll find cash back too! Right now you’ll score 3.5% cash back on your purchases, putting more money in your pocket for poolside pina coladas!

Start shopping.

Find the Best Grill, Get Cash Back

Cash back shopping Grills

Summer is here and, wait…

*goes to calendar, confirms that yes, summer is indeed here*  

… and yes, the season for grilling and chilling has arrived!

If your backyard barbecues need some new fire, you might be wondering where to start in the search for a new grill. Do you go gas? Charcoal? Wood pellets? And what size?

Consumer Reports breaks down the wide array of choices, noting that, in general:

“Gas is more convenient because you simply turn the burners on to start the grill. Charcoal gives you a greater degree of control—you determine the amount of heat by the size of the fire you build. Pellet grills, which use wood pellets, are meant to offer the taste of cooking with wood, plus unmatched precision—they have digital thermostats that allow you to dial in a precise cooking temperature.”

CR has great advice, but ours is much more succinct: Whichever grill you buy. Get it with cash back here.

This Glass Chair Mat Could Make Your Home Office Complete

Vitrazza glass chair mat with cash back

The future of work has arrived, and – yesss! – it’s from home.

The trend of working remotely had been building for years, but the pandemic took it to the stratosphere.

A new survey from 451 Research found that 67% of respondents expect that their work-from-home policies will become permanent, or at least remain in place for the long term. That means the need for a comfortable, productivity-centric environment.

So what do you need for a great home office?

  • Good lighting
  • A comfortable and supportive chair
  • A sturdy and spacious desk
  • The proper tech, including a capable computer, modem/router, and whatever else your job calls for

Those are the essentials, of course. But if you’re looking to elevate your setup, check out these glass chair mats from Vitrazza.

A premium alternative to the standard, worn-out plastic floor mats, these mats are made of brilliant, super-strong glass with furniture-quality polished edges. You can protect your floors, achieve greater mobility, and add a touch of class to your home office all at the same time.

And what’s more, right now Green Back Street members get major double cash back 4.2% on their purchases made at Vitrazza, so you can complete your home office and save money. Just sign in and shop as normal here.

Happy shopping!

BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store Up) Hits the Big Time

Cash Back Shopping Blog Header 6-15-20

Another day, another sign that our country’s shopping habits have changed.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen how the pandemic has led to more online shopping, more grocery deliveries, and fewer travel-related purchases. Now, comes news that BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up In Store), a term mostly used in retail management circles, might be ready to cross into mainstream pop culture.

Adobe Analytics via (Digital Commerce 360) reports BOPIS orders increased a whopping 208% in April over the same period in 2019, based on online sales data from trillions of anonymous visits to retail sites and tens of millions of product SKUs from 80 of the top 100 retailers in the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000. The stats are based on 18 product categories including apparel, electronics, home, grocery, appliance, personal care, office supplies, and more.

And just as we’ve seen with other recent trends, this one isn’t likely to fade away any time soon.

In the article 7 Actions Retailers Need to Take When Reopening, Internet Retailing points to BOPIS as a key ingredient for success in a COVID or post-COVID world. “Real-time inventory at the store level, order information and ecommerce must be unified to execute BOPIS, and the pickup process should be optimized for speed while providing a positive customer service experience,” writes Mary Adams.

In fact, even before the pandemic, ecommerce sales were up 14.9% in 2019. Clearly the winds are blowing in a specific direction.

Green Back Street provides cash back shopping at more than 1,400 stores, many of which, by the way, let you buy online and pick up in store. That means no shipping costs plus that sweet cash back.

What’s required on your part? Simply signing up for your free membership.

Pandemic Prompts Changes in Credit Card Rewards Programs

cash back rewards header

Getting cash back when shopping with Green Back Street while also using a cash back credit card has long been the go-to move for smart shoppers. It’s a 1-2 punch that really can save online shoppers a bundle.

Now, in a COVID-19 world, some of those credit card companies are making changes. Crunchbase reports those changes are in response to the new shopping habits being seen in their customers, with less travel and restaurant activity and more online shopping and home improvement purchases being made.

The article cites Bank of America cardholders – who choose where they want to receive 3% cash back on their purchases – have made exemplified this trend.

Other takeaways:

  • Chase and American Express are offering rewards for money spend on food delivery
  • Fewer people are using ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft
  • More people are spending are products related to working from home, whether it’s a new desk, laptop, or software

And in case you haven’t heard, Green Back Street has made shopping from home even more rewarding. We’ve super-charged the cash back rates at more than 1,400 stores, making it the perfect to way to get your essentials (and sure, that unicorn lava lamp too).

Shop with cash back now.

Yessss: Get Comfortable Face Masks with Cash Back

Cash back shopping masks

No matter how quickly and conclusively we get through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that owning a face mask (or masks) is important.

That’s why we’re proud today to welcome Face Tek™ to the Green Back Street family.

THORLO’S Face Tek™ masks exceed CDC recommendations for face coverings, and yet there’s no need to sacrifice comfort, with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabrics and a wrap-around fit.

Each mask features CuTEC™ Copper-Ion Technology and is designed to protect you and those around else around by minimizing your chances of being exposed to the coronavirus. Face Tek masks are also made in the USA.

And yes, signing in first to Green Back Street means you’ll get cash back on your Face Tek™ purchases—right now to the sweet tune of 7.20%

Shop from home. Stay healthy. Get cash back.