5 Cash Back Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Dad’s day is Sunday. Yes, Father’s Day is this Sunday.

And although the old man will always say he doesn’t want or need anything, that doesn’t give him the right to rob you of the joy you’ll get when you give him something cool!

Even better, when you shop through Green Back Street at one of our more than 1,400 stores, you’ll earn cash back on what you buy. That’s the kind of shrewd shopping savvy even dad can appreciate.

Here are five gift ideas, ranging from $8to $700, from the timeless to the trendy, that will leave both you and ad smiling:

Note: If shipping speed is a concern, choose the Pickup at Store (if the store has one) option, and you’ll be all set for Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day!

Who’s Paying the Most Cash Back? 5 More Stores

Here we go again! It’s time for another look at which stores are giving the most cash back. We started this series because we’re partners with more than 1,400 stores, and that means we see a wide variety money-back percentages offered. Today, we feature five stores (letters P through T) that are all offering great cash back opportunities.

Just remember to always sign in before you shop!

Phen375, 32.4% Cash Back
Phen375 has been rated the best natural appetite suppressant & dietary supplement. While weight loss supplements are never cheap, getting a massive 21.6% cash back on your purchase is a major win. Shop

QuickZip, 5.76 Cash Back
As you might imagine, there aren’t a lot of companies that begin with the letter Q (or X, but that’s still to come), but QuickZip is a great find. It’s a fitted sheet you can love. It’s easy to change, it stays put, and it’s easy to fold. Plus, shop through Green Back Street and get 5.76% cash back. Shop

Rocket Languages, 28.8% Cash Back
Learn a new language online and get up to 19.2% cash back. Now that’s una gran cantidad! (a great deal) Shop

Styles Checks, 12.0% Cash Back
The digital age is here to stay, but so are checks. If it’s time to replenish your supply, Styles Checks has you covered with a wide array of designs. That 12% cash back can go right into your checking account! Shop

Ties.com, 6.48% Cash Back
With over 5,000 designs of novelty ties, designer ties, cufflinks, Ties.com has everything you need to accessorize for the big occasion. 6.48% cash back means Shop

How to Survive (and Thrive During) the “Retailpocalypse”

The suffix “-pocalypse” has become trendy in recent years, getting thrown onto the end of all sorts of words. What’s the latest on the Beepocalypse? Anyone recall Snowpocalypse?

Well, the latest one hits rather close to home. Enter the “Retailpocalypse,” a dire warning about the worsening state of the retail industry. Is this more clickbait-fueled hyperbole, or might there be some legitimacy to the hype? Sadly, reality is leaning closer to the latter.

According to real estate tracking done by Coresight Research, through the first four months of 2019, U.S. retailers have announced they will shut 5,994 stores while opening just 2,641. Eesh.

Data analytics firm Thasos has also released concerning findings regarding malls that are anchored by department stores. Apparently, foot traffic at some of the most popular shopping centers across the country peaked in August 2018 and has since started to fall, after rebounding for much of last year.

It’s a situation that’s been snowballing for a decade, or technically, since the birth of online shopping in the late-90s, but some experts are saying what we’re seeing now represents more than just the slow-but-steady erosion of in-store shopping.

CNBC reports investment firm UBS anticipates as many as 75,000 traditional store fronts closing if online sales’ share of the retail sales sector grows to 25 percent by 2026. Last year that number was close to 10 percent.

It’s grim news, but it does present some silver linings for those with an eye on both saving and earning as e-commerce fully envelops our society.

At Green Back Street, we deliver a 100% free and easy way to earn cash back when shopping online at more than 1,400 stores. Those stores pay Save and Earn to bring them customers, and we share that payday right back with the consumer. We also offer a way to earn money, simply by referring others to Save and Earn. When your friends or family register at SaveandEarn.com using your invitation link, they receive cash back on their purchases and so do you, equal to 10% of the cash back your referral receives.

If we’re truly on the verge of the Retailpocalypse, harnessing the explosive power of online shopping may be the smartest way to survive it.