The Holiday Shopper Helper is Here

This year, the Black Friday deals started early. Real early. But the biggest bargains are still to be had, and for most of us, trying to keep up with the avalanche of price drops that come during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of December can be an overwhelming task.

Enter the Holiday Shopper Helper.

We’ve created a free, interactive, bargain-focused shopping tool to help you keep calm and shop on during the sustained frenzy of the holiday shopping season.

Just add your email address to unlock your customization options, including:

  • The item you want
  • The sale price
  • Which store has the item
  • When the deal starts
  • How long the deal lasts for
  • Who it’s for (We won’t tell Santa if most of the items are for you.)
  • How much cash back the store is offering

You can sort the list by priority (high, medium, low), or any other category.

You can also edit or delete the information for any item, and clicking the shopping cart icon conveniently takes you to the store you’re ready to shop at, with cash back locked in when you’re signed into Green Back Street. Just bookmark the page and come back to it any time.

Holiday shopping can be chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s hoping the Holiday Shopper Helper helps you and your family this year!

Get the Holiday Shopper Helper

6 Sites to Help You Prep for Back Friday

save and earn for black Friday.

So you’re revving up your bargain-finding engines and you’re ready to prep for next week’s frenzy of price drops. Great. Here are 6 sites to familiarize yourself with in the days ahead so you’ll know exactly what will be on sale and when during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

A handful of sites have been around for years now with one main purpose: showcasing the ads from retailers. The main appeal of these sites used to be the secretly “leaked” ad scans, but now nearly every brand is more than happy to put their ads out for the world to see days or weeks in advance. Here are the four best sites for checking out the ads: has been compiling the biggest deals online for 20 years now, driven by a passionate community that posts and rates deals 24/7.

And one of our favorite individual bargain hunters is the Cheapskate at He posts some of the best deals online daily along with common-sense commentary. Good stuff.

And of course, for cash back on all your holiday shopping, it pays to start with Green Back Street.

Black Friday 2019: You’re Gonna Wanna Sit Down for This

black friday cash back shopping

Remember what Black Friday used to mean?

  • Waiting for parking spots
  • Navigating overcrowded aisles
  • Jostling with shoppers for the last few items on the shelves

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

That’s right. Wasn’t. Past tense. Because if you’re somehow still hitting the malls in-person, you’re doing it wrong.

We’re happy to report that in 2019, to find the best deals and truly save the most money, all you need are comfy PJs and reliable internet access.

A sizable first wave of Black Friday week ads have already come in, and the trends continue to focus on earlier deals – like now – and online.  

We’ll go as far as saying the term “doorbuster” will be all but stricken from our shopping lexicon within three years, because the idea of showing up to a darkened storefront, waiting in the cold, looking to bust down a door for a discounted television has quickly become passé. It’s just not smart shopping. And of course, cash back shopping is at its best online too.

In fact, looking back at the top Black Friday deals of 2018, only a handful of noteworthy items were offered in-store only. Target’s 55” Element UHD TV that was only offered in-store for $199 (regularly going for $379) was a microcosm of what these “doorbuster” deals have become: inexpensive  electronics (usually TVs) from lower tier manufacturers sold at an even cheaper price.

We’re seeing way fewer instances of premier products with significant price cuts for Black Friday. Think $500 TV on sale for $250, not $1600 TV on sale for $800. Is a TV for your spare bedroom worth the in-store hassle and losing precious family (and online shopping) time? No way.

That’s not to say retailers and manufacturers aren’t cutting prices on quality gear this time of the year—they are. But those savings are also available now in many cases, and with TVs, similar or even bigger price cuts often come in January.

The bottom line: stay seated this Thanksgiving. Fall asleep on the couch and sleep easy, knowing the best deals and cash back opportunities are online.

Black Friday is Coming: Here’s What to Do Now

And boom, just like that, we’re a month out from Black Friday. For those of us who love scoring breathtaking bargains, the salivating has begun in earnest.

So let’s cut to the chase. How can you make this the year you save so much money you have to find creative ways to play with it?


Just follow these follow these five steps and you’ll be rewarded with that heavenly glow that only surrounds the smartest shoppers during the holiday season.

1. Define Your Budget

Holiday shopping can get out of hand quickly. Drawing a line in the sand  right now on how much you’ll spend is the best way to make keep the smelling salts away when the bills come in January.

Of course, some wiggle room is necessary given the potential deals that may arise, but a winning shopping strategy needs to have a benchmark number for spending.

2. Make a List

Santa isn’t the only one who should be taking pen to paper these days. Now’s the time to figure out what you’re looking to buy when the avalanche of savings begins. Is it time for a phone upgrade? What’re the hot toys? Would a coffeemaker make mom happy?

Determine what items you’re in the market for, whether as gifts for others or yourself, then proceed to the next step.

3. Check the Ads

The days of needing to wait till Thanksgiving to see the Black Friday ads are long gone. Most retailers are more than happy to “leak” their fliers a week or more before the big day now. Track down these ads via sites like and and study them. Compare. Contrast. Conquer.

4. Get Cash Back

With all the money you’ll be spending over the next two months, it’d be crazy to not get cash back on your purchases when you can.

Green Back Street is your go-to destination for cash back online shopping. Just in to your free account, find your favorite stores, and shop as you normally would. Come late-January or so that money will appear in your account ready for you to receive a check or PayPal transfer.

Use a cash back credit card to do your shopping and you’ll be sitting pretty.

5. Craft a Game Plan

This is the last but perhaps most important step, because waking up in a tryptophan-induced stupor on Black Friday and assuming you’ll quickly find the best price on a new TV just isn’t gonna cut it.

With Thanksgiving falling on November 28 this year, you have plenty of time to form a comprehensive shopping strategy. Be sure to include:

  • A priority list of items to buy and for whom
  • A timeline of when certain deals start and stop
  • Links to the product and cash back store pages for fast navigation

That’s five steps, just five, standing between another typical holiday shopping season and the kind of savings Ebenezer Scrooge dreams of. Good luck.